Micro to Medium industries are back bone of Indian industry contributing 45% in domestic manufacturing and 40% export with 8% GDP contributor who has challenges as :

1. Non availability of skilled manpower

2. Low margin pricing demand from customer

3. Lack of Specialized Expert Mentoring

4. Majorly Person dependent not System Driven

5. Lack of financial assistance unable to adopt advance technology

Around 70% of MSME Assets are under-utilized making them expensive and non-compete in global market and among 80% MSME only 30% IT companies are able to utilize their assets effectively because they invest on advanced technology and highly skilled manpower, however, this is not possible for everyone. Hence, for remaining 50% of MSME, comes forward to support.

Our Vision

Contribute to make Micro and Small Enterprise 50% to India’s GDP.

Our Mission

To Empower every Indian Micro and Small Manufacturing Enterprise become “Globally Competitive”

Tool Works in 3 Core Principles


Stage 1- Good practice in industry becomes a vital essential factor for industrial development. Mentor analyzes and guides companies to implement best practices, build strong foundation, encourages growth mindset, thereby making industry healthy and ready for progress.


Stage 2- With implementation of good hygiene and the best practices in the industry, this is the right stage to invest in the world’s best technologies. Here extends hands-on support to effectively implement the technologies involved and achieve optimal results, making MSMEs competitive in the global market. assures Risk-free Guarantees with all our alliances.


Stage 3- After successfully achieving Stage 2, MSME becomes ready to take a giant leap towards Global Market, where offers marketing and branding solutions, joint participation of shows, Foreign Collaboration and explore export opportunities. is India’s only establishment that Focuses on the Empowerment of MSMEs with a unique Futuristic approach. A group of Specialists having richer experience of around 3 decades in their domains, have proactively come together to help MSMEs by sharing their knowledge and provide the MSMEs with the world’s best available technologies that meets ROI, bringing down the manufacturing costs. becomes the bridge that fulfils all required gaps for the Manufacturing Industry. With a strong believe that growth certainly is accompanied by a little step of change in the nature of the sector that wants to achieve global ambitions, these experts from Mechanical Engineering industry, have come together to be a guide and provide direction, be a doctor and provide most appropriately diagnosed solutions, be a mentor towards growth for any organization or professional in the industry. is committed to support Indian MSME to grow, be competitive and support global market.