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Micro to Medium industries are back bone of Indian industry contributing 45%  in domestic manufacturing and 40% export with 8% GDP contributor who has challenges as

1. Non availability of skilled labour at affordable cost - Training

2. Majority industry face domestic and internal price competition   - Export

3. Lack of Specialized Expert Mentoring  - Expert suggestion

4. Majorly Man driven not System Driven

5. Constraints on modernization & expansions due to unaffordable technology - finding right solution

     Around 70% of MSME Assets are under-utilized making them expensive and non-compete in global market and among 80% MSME only 30% IT companies are able to utilize their assets effectively because they invest on advanced technology and highly skilled manpower, however, this is not possible for everyone. Hence, for remaining 50% of MSME, ToolClinic.in comes forward to support.

     ToolClinic.in becomes that bridge that fulfils all the required gaps for the Manufacturing Industry. With a strong believe that growth certainly is accompanied by a little step of change in the nature of the sector that wants to achieve global ambitions, various experts from Mechanical Engineering industry, have come together to be a guide and provide direction, be a doctor and provide most appropriately diagnosed solutions, be a mentor towards growth for any organization or professional in the industry.

     To address the above challenges, a group of specialists having rich experience in their domains, have proactively come together to help MSME by sharing their knowledge at Free Cost. Also introduce world's best available technology that meets the ROI and brings down the MFG cost.

Primary Focus of ToolClinic.in members is to help industry to grow, be competitive and expand market with best products.

ToolClinic.in works in 3 core principles


With this our specialists discuss the capability and the challenges and help you by counselling, consulting and training. Moreover, like a Mentor.


Once we identify the customer is healthy enough to develop, we encourage to invest on world's best technology with hand-holding support and achieve best product at cost effective


once above two levels are crossed the third stage will be our expert’s help to improve international business.

To Empower every Micro and Small Indian Manufacturing Enterprises “Globally Competitive”

Contribute to make Micro and Small Enterprise 50% to India’s GDP.

Our Specialists

Ankit Sahu

3D Printing Specialist

Founder and Director of Objectify Technologies Private Limited...

Hari Kumar

Tool Management

He has vast knowledge in tool management, production environment, machine tool industry, among others...

Ratnakar Potdar

Machine Fixture Specialist

He has hands on Engineering experience in various fields starting from Purchase to manufacturing to Marketing...

Ravi Moolya

Machine Integration Specialist

His area of expertise includes tool management, tool presetter, cutting tools, among others...

Shashi Menon

Cutting Tool Specialist

Having 35 years of experience in metal cutting industry...

Sudhir Agrawal

Sensor Specialist

Having 36 years experience in various industries like automotive, machine tools...


Tool Cutting Specialist

More than 36 years of experience in tool management and coating industry...