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Calibit Systems is Industry 4.0 focused company. This Fourth Industrial Revolution is the future of different manufacturing segments like industrial manufacturing, oil & gas, chemical & process, pharmaceuticals, agriculture & food etc. Industry 4.0 is also defining the next level of operational excellence for service & utility sector like airports, warehouses and cold storage, transportation & logistics etc. which heavily depend upon electro-mechanical systems.

We bring in 22+ years of proven track record of effectively developing & deploying technology solutions with successful business transformation and value delivery.

IIOT & Industry 4.0

Effective transformation to Industry 4.0 is critical to succeed in global competition. Calibit Systems is a trusted partner in Industry 4.0 initiative. We handhold right from identifying the gaps, defining the roadmap, implementation, transformation and value engineering. For our clients from manufacturing, we provide solutions to their business critical challenges like improving the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), predictive maintenance, remote monitoring and optimal assets utilization.

Smart Products & Operations

With Internet being ubiquitous, OEMs can now introduce smart products or equipment. The health of the equipment, performance and the utilization can be remotely monitored. Process, Food and Agriculture industry can make their processes and operations smarter with effective integration of IOT technology. For our clients from Process, Food & Agriculture industry, we provide solutions for making their products and operations smart using IOT. We provide the strategy as well as implementation along with necessary tools & platform to manage the smart products & operations.

Contextual Data Intelligence

Deployment of IOT technology captures a lot of data and data without actionable insights is of no value. The data needs to be analyzed in the context of the application, business objective and the user. The insights need to be presented differently to different stake holders depending upon their role function. We bring in our functional expertise, put the data in perspective and develop contextual data analytics. This enables to extract meaningful and actionable insights from the data.

Cloud Solutions

Ability to access required information in most suitable format and perform appropriate actions from anywhere in the world with proper authorization is the prime necessity of the Forth Industrial Revolution users. Effective migration and transformation of business processes to the Cloud is the enabler for achieving this. We provide complete cloud solutions to our clients including transforming existing business workflows to cloud, on-premise as well as public cloud deployment, end-to-end web & mobile applications development etc.


Productivity & Plant Efficiency Improvement

IOT sensors are deployed which real time monitor the machines usage along with process parameters. The value added activities, value enabling activities and waste are clearly identified. Plant heads can derive actionable insights along with levers for improvement. The key features under this offering are automated real time ‘Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)’ calculations without manual intervention, insights into machine loading patterns, losses analysis, operator efficiency, cycle time analysis as well as real time planned versus actual production monitoring.

Predictive & Prescriptive Maintenancet

Maintenance histories of almost all industrial equipment will tell that 70% of the maintenance issues are due to mechanical failures. Calibit Systems deploys award winning sensors and machine learning technology. This enables tracking & monitoring of machines health and perform Predictive Maintenance. The maintenance team can make effective use of diagnostics tools to perform Prescriptive Maintenance. The companies can avoid unplanned downtime and machine failures resulting into significant savings.

Energy Monitoring & Management

Smart energy meters monitor the energy consumption equipment wise as well as plant wide. The analytics provide the insights into energy consumption patterns & waste. Calibit Systems also provides recommendations as well as process optimization for effective and uniform energy consumption; thus enabling effective energy management and cost savings.

Logistics 4.0: Transforming The Supply Chain

IOT sensors allow real tracking of transport vehicles as well as shipments. This provides greater visibility, transparency and insights into supply chain data and processes.

Remote Monitoring & Assets Utilization

Various assets can be remotely monitored for their utilization, performance as well as condition. Several data points are collected regarding the operating and process conditions. The analysis of the data provides valuable insights about improving the assets performance & condition. The overall improvement in the planning results into saving costs or handling higher loads within same resources; ultimately adding to the revenue & profits.


Sensing technologies

Calibit brings in the range of reliable & robust sensors for various parameters measurement i.e. pressure, temperature, flow, humidity, moisture, RPM, load, vibrations, location, motion, torque, human presence, electrical parameters as well as PLC data. Depending upon the application requirement, the appropriate set of sensors are deployed.

IOT Core

The IOT core platform supports device registration & integration, communication over different protocols like MQTT, COAP, HTTP etc as well as IOT Gateway and Edge Computing. The IOT Core platform can be deployed in cloud as well as on premise. It can handle several thousand devices when deployed over a cluster.

Cloud & Software Applications

Calibit develops the cloud applications using Python & Java technology stacks, which are based upon micro-services architecture. This allows integration with different IOT data sources, data analytics & machine learning services as well as other business systems. The key aspects of cloud application cover user management & access control, performance & security, database backups, rule engine & configuration, and UI customization etc.

Data Analytics

IOT data is BIG. It requires cleansing and further processing in the context of the business scenarios. As necessary, the different techniques for classification, regression and symbolic regression are applied. The statistical & machine learning libraries are also used. Calibit brings in its domain experience in developing meaningful data insights, representation, actionables and reporting.


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