Micro to Medium industries are back bone of Indian industry contributing 45% in domestic manufacturing and 40% export with 8% GDP contributor who has challenges as :

1. Non availability of skilled manpower

2. Low margin pricing demand from customer

3. Lack of Specialized Expert Mentoring

4. Majorly Person dependent not System Driven

5. Lack of financial assistance unable to adopt advance technology

Around 70% of MSMEs Assets are under-utilized because lack of investment on advanced technology and highly skilled manpower and nowhow making them expensive and non-compete in global market.

About focuses on the empowerment of MSMEs with a unique futuristic approach. A ready platform that offers a basket of solutions right from design to manufacturing and marketing, where the pool of industry veterans contribute their rich experience to counsel and consult MSME for their growth. Creating an Ecosystem that Collaborates not Competes. becomes the bridge that fulfils all required gaps for the Manufacturing Industry. With a strong believe that growth certainly is accompanied by a little step of change in the nature of the sector that wants to achieve global ambitions, these experts from Mechanical Engineering industry, have come together to be a guide and provide direction, be a doctor and provide most appropriately diagnosed solutions, be a mentor towards growth for any organization or professional in the industry.

Tool Works in 3 Core Principles


Stage 1- Good practice in industry becomes a vital essential factor for industrial development. Mentor analyzes and guides companies to implement best practices, build strong foundation, encourages growth mindset, thereby making industry healthy and ready for progress.


Stage 2- With implementation of good hygiene and the best practices in the industry, this is the right stage to invest in the world’s best technologies. Here extends hands-on support to effectively implement the technologies involved and achieve optimal results, making MSMEs competitive in the global market. assures Risk-free Guarantees with all our alliances.


Stage 3- After successfully achieving Stage 2, MSME becomes ready to take a giant leap towards Global Market, where offers marketing and branding solutions, joint participation of shows, Foreign Collaboration and explore export opportunities.

Our Vision

Contribute to make Micro and Small Enterprise 50% to India’s GDP.

Our Mission

To Empower every Indian Micro and Small Manufacturing Enterprise become “Globally Competitive”

Five Elements of is commited to provide support to Indian MSME


Professional Skill

According to Economic Times, Labour attrition and unavailability of skilled workers are often cited as major constraints by minor to medium enterprises in India. Also, it becomes difficult for these enterprises to match with the aspirations of youths as it is critical to invest in the workforce for better retention resulting in inability to reap the benefits of productivity due to diversity in the workforce. does the exact/ most appropriate gap analysis and arranges/ provides/ customizes trainings, work-based learning, including apprenticeship opportunities for fresh talents and experienced professionals to match the skills needed by minor to medium enterprises.

Foreign Machine

It is being said that the Minor to Medium Enterprises will have to grow big for India to become $5 Trillion Economy. Micro to Medium Enterprises are regarded as the Engines of Economic Growth, but they face challenges as most appropriate/latest technology adoption and awareness that leads to low production capacity and land up with negligible or very low margin profits. provides expert advice in a virtual platform and designs solutions on real-time problems, introducing the best of the globally recognized eligible Machine Tools at a very economical cost, ensuring continuous improvement and value addition for existing products and services.

Blue Ocean

Formulation beyond conventional canvas / Market beyond existing market “It's like the small fable by Birbal about drawing one's own line bigger”. Most of us are currently having the toughest of times operating the business in a saturated market due to pricing pressure in the competitive market. Now the time demands that Entrepreneurs or professionals think efficiently to innovate a unique product and open doors for the new, unexplored market. Whatever our goals may be, either make a different product or service or present your existing product in such a way that it creates a revolution in the market. It becomes a trendsetter, a time changer, where there is high potential & profits and Competition becomes irrelevant/ no competition cans stand against you. supports with tactics, strategies and solutions to innovate never thought demands, capture that market which is untouched by any others, and introduce a unique product, concept or service. This landmark will be achieved once we reach Hygiene and health benchmark. With Blue Ocean, we get the privilege to be selective and exclusive and explore/ deliver to your own set market.

Mentoring by

A Mentor is the one who guides with the light through the dark. Every professional needs a friend, philosopher or guide to bring a growth plan for his career, like wise every entrepreneur needs a guide whom he trusts and the one who provides direction, be like a doctor and provide most appropriately diagnosed solutions, be a mentor towards growth for the organizational ambitions. All the Specialists of, with the rich expertise in their respective domains, play that very essential role of Mentor to professionals and entrepreneurs. They address all your challenges and share their knowledge with free of cost giving you direction till you achieve your goals.


For any company to broaden its horizon in a foreign nation, the biggest challenge is getting a partner whom they can trust, can rely upon, and grow their business in that country. works as an Integrating Persistent Partner for the foreign companies who wish to invest in India. We provide collaborative support for manufacturing in India with no compromise on quality and competitive advantages, may it be skilled manpower, locations, infrastructure, policy and support, or increasing demands. Not only that, provides a strategically designed launching roadmap/ development plan for illustrating the right way to hit the market. This happens in various phases such as Pre-launch which would be through legal advisory, product marketing outlines to successful execution post-Launch. ensures strong Business Growth for Foreign companies.

Our Specialists


Ravi Moolya

Machine Integration Specialist

His area of expertise includes tool management, tool presetter, cutting tools, among others...

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Tool Coating Specialist

More than 36 years of experience in tool management and coating industry...

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Ankit Sahu

3D Printing Specialist

Founder and Director of Objectify Technologies Private Limited...

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Hari Kumar

Tool Management

He has vast knowledge in tool management, production environment, machine tool industry, among others...

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Ratnakar Potdar

Total Business Development Expert

He is having hands of  rich experience of 35 years in various areas from Project planning to establishment of profit center.

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Dr. B.D. Bachchhav

Research and Analyst

Dr. B. D. Bachchhav is currently working as a Professor and Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering, All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society's, College of Engineering, Pune.

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Sashi Menon

Cutting Tool Specialist

Having 35 years of experience in metal cutting industry...

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Surendra Chavan

Retrofit & SPM Specialist

He has been in the Machine Tool Industry for more than 3 decades. He is passionate in retrofitting and SPM.

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Sudhir Agarwal

Sensor Specialist

Having 36 years experience in various industries like automotive, machine tools...

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Mr. Sanjay Sharma

CNC Trainer

he is a Mechanical Engineer having more than 25+ Year of Expeirence in Various Cutting Tool Technology & Part Development on CNC Machines.

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Machining Specialist

Productivity Improvement and Machining specialist, Trainer and Consultant for Manufacturing Industries, Guest lecturer to Engineering Colleges

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  • I really thank for giving me this opportunity to work with Speroni India Pvt Ltd under their Graduate Trainee Program. I joined as a fresher and I got to learn many technical as well as non-technical aspects in this working span. I also got to explore the actual Shop Floor and learnt how to handle a customer professionally and professional Etiquettes. For this I’m really grateful of for providing me this wonderful opportunity.

    Author image
    • Rutuja C.
  • gave me opportunity as Trainee Engineer under the ‘Graduate Engineer Training’ program, and after 6months I got hired as Jr. Engineer - Application on payroll of Speroni India. I gained practical knowledge about technical aspects and also transformed from myself candidate to a Professional Engineer. I would really like to thank for this Opportunity and giving the Exposure to work with the MNC.

    Author image
    • - Pranav Khatavkar
  • I would like to thank for the opportunity given to me to work with Speroni India under Graduate Trainee Engineer training program. I gained the technical and non-technical knowledge. Even I’m from the E&TC dept. got the chance to explore the mechanical field.

    Author image
    • - Rahul Gupta
  • When the entire country was in lockdown in 2020 and every company had reduced their employees, gave me opportunity to work. Here I worked various new technologies related to Tool management. I got the chance to handle a project from scratch to end. In every project we are helping or educating our customers to reduce their time and cost. As everyone is talking about Industry 4.0 and I got a wonderful chance to execute a project related to Industry 4.0. guides me to grow not only professionally but on person level also. Being an introvert, I had a stage fear still, Tool clinic believed in me and my seniors taught and supported every step possible. The main reason for joining this company is has done great work related to Tool Data Management services from past years. And we keep doing or improving ourselves to achieve a common goal.

    Author image
    • - Manish Sah
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  • I congratulate ToolClinic for this excellent initiative. I believe this will benefit all small scale industries in India to thrive in times of technological developments. This is the time for Indian industries to show case their presence in manufacturing world. Singapore and other developed nations run this similar concepts and we see their transformation.

    Author image
    • Jaga S.
    • MD, Oneclick Solution, Singapore
  • is an excellent initiative for skill development and upliftment of Indian SMEs. With many experts already on board from the diversified domains, SMEs can seek experts' guidance to solve their day-to-day challenges. This noble initiative has already started impacting some companies that are struggling with certain aspects of the manufacturing process. I wish best to the ToolClinic team and will be ready to help them in whatever way possible.

    Author image
    • Nishant Kashyap
    • Startups, B2B Marketing
  • I always wanted to create a "one-stop-solution" where customers get multiple solutions at the click of a button. I'm glad to be a part of

    Author image
    • Mr. Shashi Menon
    • Director, Gratias Solutions
  • I feel this concept should transform the need and approach of Micro and Small Industries) by providing some essential bridges between the Smaller Industries and modern Worldclass Technologies. I find this to be an effective platform for sharing my 50 years of experience with the Professionals and Smaller Companies.

    Author image
    • Hari Kumar
    • Consultant, Tool Management Mentor
  • ToolClinic is a great initiatives and highy beneficial for the industries specifically for SME. ToolClinic provides one stop platform for the industries to get complete solution under one umbrella. Group of experts are coming together to share knowledge and provide benefits to customers, this is a unique proposition to bring expertise, knowledge, reliability and technology together.

    Author image
    • Neeraj Bannore
    • Director, Calibit Solution Pvt. Ltd.
  • Being in Tool Management and Coating industry for 36 years, I realized is a better place where customers will get solutions to many problems and I think my contibution along with will benefit micro and small industries in many ways.

    Author image
    • Umanath
    • Technical Consultant, Advisor Coating