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iTDms a product developed by the experts of ToolClinic.in. After a lot of brainstorming and market research and the long years’ experience, it is observed that most of the industry spends around 20-30% of their time in searching of tools. Whereas the tool crib foreman spends around 60-70% of his time looking for right tool.

Well hard to believe here is an example let’s do a small exercise,

Can you guess how much time will it take to get 10 Dia tool from this drawer?

And how much time for this one...

How much does the searching time "Cost"?

To understand it more elaborate way, what would you reply on the following concerns? Try to answer :-

1. How often is the machine idle due to lack of correct Tool?

2.Do your teams spend equal time for standard tools having shorter delivery time verses special tools having longer delivery time?

3.When was the last time and how long it took for collecting tool inventory information and how precise was it?

4.Have you ever Faced the problem of tools stock-out for longer delivery tools?

5.Do you have REAL-TIME information about machine wise consumption?

6.Can you track weekly consumption?

7.Do you have Real time Cost of tool component wise?

8.Is information received manually or system-generated?

9.Is there a gap between system data and actual data more than 10%?

10.Does your purchase struggle for last moment buying of tool at higher cost?

11.Do you need to order extra quantity of tools to avoid last moment hurry?

12.Is the existing system delivers information for Non-moving tool of more than 60 days?

These are some of the challenges that many in the industry, especially companies like Tier 2 and Tier 3 face where tooling cost plays a very important role and machine downtime is often compromised to maintain this price. Furthermore, combining expensive manpower or expensive software and vendor Tool Management systems is out of budget and not justifying.

These concerns is traded with the traditional method. The good news is that Toolclinic.in introduced ITDMS that brings you a solution where the entire tool crib is managed by your team and with not much of extra cost, the tool and its location give full transparency and Visual management.

What are the Advantages for you?

1.Transparent working model

2.The system is operated by an internal team, no outsider is required

3.Business Intelligence reports generated by the system are "real-time"

4.Provide real time data that helps wastage of tools, access or wrong tool Issue

5.Management of Setup is done by ITDMS team with hand-holding support

6.Trained engineer manpower can be provided by iTDms team

ToolClinic.in believes, “Only Customers benefits from all the added value in the process”