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ToolClinic.in is a Clinical-informatics Services establishment created to support Indian industry. ToolClinic.in will work in unison with the Companies with Diagnostic approach and Life Saving Decisions.


     Modern Manufacturing today requires all intermediate processes in the production and integration of product components. Although the market in India is growing, and growth is influenced by the big players in industry and emerging enterprises, competition has come alive. However, automation continues in a slow and steady transition as new technology and optimal use of its dynamic technology is still far away. The industry sees the difference between older traditional methods and acceptance of fully automated manufacturing units.

     ToolClinic.in will help Indian companies by presenting them with the best available technology around the world, effectively making implementation easy and efficient, ultimately making companies highly competitive in the global market and growing export business.

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Introduction to Micro & Small Industries

Micro and Small Industries play an important role for the development of Indian economy, about 60 to 70 percent of the total innovations in India come from MSMEs.

Many of the big businesses today were all started small and then nurtured into big businesses. MSMEs are the Backbone of Indian Manufacturing Industry.


According to the MSME Ministry’s FY19 annual report, the MSME sector is dominated by micro-enterprises. India has 6.33 Crore MSMEs out of which 6.30 crore -- 99.4 per cent are micro-enterprises. - According to Financial Express Published: March 23, 2020

Contribution of Micro & Small Industries

     Provides Employment

     Facilitates Women Growth

     Supports Social Advantage

     Develops Entrepreneurship

     Brings Balanced Regional Development

     Helps in Mobilization of Local Resources

     Paves for Optimisation of Capital

     Promotes Exports

     Complements Large Scale Industries

     Meets Consumer Demands

Challenges of Micro & Small Industries

Poor capacity utilization

Lack of skilled management

Lack of marketing support

Lack of technology up-gradation

Difficulty in meeting environmental standards

Concentration of industrial units

Widespread sickness

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According to Economic Times, Labour attrition and unavailability of skilled workers...

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Pool of Specialists with rich expertise in their respective domains, play that very...

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Foreign Machine Tool


Introduce and implement World’s best technologies

Only Foreign Machine tool Technology will be introduced who are experts in their field...

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Launch Pad

Launch-pad services

This is to support the industry for improving business in India by arranging group...

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Blue Ocean

Blue Ocean Move

Blue Ocean means make our own unique market presence. once achieved hygiene and...

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